About Us

Value is a leading company in the field of foreign trade that has been working professionally for the past 16 years. We specialize in handling all aspects of an export, from business generation and raw material acquisition to logistics and financing. With a highly trained team and a wide network of contacts, Value is capable of providing comprehensive services to ensure that its clients obtain the best price and the best financial conditions. In addition, we have a monitoring and quality control system to guarantee that the products are delivered under the agreed conditions.

For geographical reasons, we began by marketing Argentinian rice and peanuts from Entre Ríos and Córdoba, respectively, but over the years, today we have other local products, such as dairy products, other national products, such as legumes, and foreign-produced products. like sugar.

In short, we are a foreign trade company that is globally dedicated to the marketing, logistics and financing of products, both for export and import, allowing us to have full control of the business, minimizing risks and maximizing profit.